Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Songfight Mix  

I ran across Songfight the other day via Boing Boing. It's an online songwriting contest; several themes are posted and you have one week to write, perform, and upload a song for your chosen theme.

Some of the submissions are great. (Some aren't, or at least aren't to my taste.) I spent an hour or so sifting through the archives and picked out some favorites and made a mix. It's just a quick glance at what they have to offer, and there are probably more great tracks that I missed, but check it out. All MP3s are free downloads.

  1. * Bite Size - Mellified Man
  2. * Indier Than Thou - MC Frontalot
  3. Shut Up And Sit Down - deshead
  4. Sarah Vowell's Motto - Figure 8
  5. Five Minutes - Josh Woodward
  6. Shower Scene - Josh Woodward
  7. Left/Right - Hobbes
  8. I'm With Steve Now - Gyre (featuring Emma Lee)
  9. We Are All Famous - Ants (Invisible)
  10. The Truth About Aspartame - Consume
  11. * Piece of My Heat - The Def Author
  12. Massive Intelligence Failure - Southwest Statistic
  13. The Truth About Aspartame - The BeWells
  14. * Hollywood Fantasy - Loyalty Day
  15. * Bonjour, Mon Amie - Josh Woodward
  16. * Things To Do In New York - Fifteen Years
  17. As Icons of My Youth Fall Silent - Forty Second Songs
  18. Quentin Tarantino - Doctor Worm
  19. I Thought I Loved You - Sven Mullet

The asterisks mark songs that are my particular favorites, but they're all pretty interesting. Track #2 is not actually from Songfight, but MC Frontalot has participated in the past and I thought it went well in the mix. Sue me.

Notice anything? Josh Woodward made the list three times. I was curious, so I checked him out. Turns out he's got a blog and he's local to me, relatively speaking. Findlay's about two hours away. I don't know if we'll make it over to see him at a live show, but perhaps we'll take a detour on one of our trips up to Michigan if the timing is right. He seems like an interesting guy... not many songwriters use grep to write songs.