Monday, February 05, 2007

Oh, baby baby  

Please welcome my son Archer Douglas Thaler, born on Jan 30th 2007 at 5:10am. He was 7lbs 11oz, 20 inches long, and came out pink and screaming -- just the way they're supposed to.

Archer Douglas Thaler, getting weighed for the first timeArcher Douglas Thaler, sleeping

There are a few more pictures available. Today he's exactly one week old. He's been a great kid so far, not fussy at all and often sleeping at night for a good 4-5 hours at a stretch. His name is a tribute to his great-grandfather Orion, as well as just a cool name that we liked.

I'll be a little busy for a while between work and family, but I hope to get back into posting soon. Lots of good technical stuff to talk about.


  • Unknown said...

    Congrats Drew! I'm expecting a little girl in a few months, too.

  • Drew Thaler said...

    Thanks Greg! Best of luck with yours. I'm sure she'll be wonderful.

    I have to tell you, it's a pretty cool feeling knowing that you've actually created a whole person. Puts all the software in perspective. :-) Archer is six weeks old now and already showing hints of his personality. He's still quiet and seems to be working things out in his head. His little cries are full of communication already... sometimes he just says a single, very clearly enunciated "Wah!" when there's nothing actually wrong but he just wants some attention. Super cute, and effective too.

  • FernanDoylet said...

    Felicitaciones Drew! ...cuidalo mucho, pero no lo engrias demasiado, porque podria comenzar a chillar en binario, y ahi si que te haria la vida de cuadritos; piensa en los problemas que te va a dar, y cuando veas que llora por atencion, dejalo desarrollar sus pulmones.

  • Drew Thaler said...

    ¡Muchas gracias, Fernando! Mi español no es muy bueno, pero comprendí su comentario (más o menos!) con ayuda pequeña de Google. :-) ¿Pero qué este medio -- "chillar en binario"? ¿Chillar todo el dia?

    Quick translation for other readers:

    "Congratulations Drew! Take good care of him, but don't spoil him too much, because he might start to scream all the time, and that's when you'll be living the hard life. He thinks about problems you give him, so when you see that he's crying for attention just let him develop his lungs."

    Thanks Fernando! My Spanish is not very good, but I understood your comment (more or less!) with a little help from Google. But what does this mean: "chillar en binario" (literally: "scream in binary")? To scream all day?

    Maybe I've misunderstood, but if not, that might be the coolest thing I've heard all month. "Scream in binary." :-) I love slang expressions like that.

  • Drew Thaler said...

    And good advice, too. Thanks.